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Career Development: Who Am I?

Center for Career Development

Center for Career Development

Franklin University’s Center for Career Development offers a wide array of services to meet the diverse needs of our students and alumni in today’s changing workforce.

Our goal is to help develop lifelong career management skills and integrate academic and career interests, as well as to connect students and alumni with employers and businesses interested in discovering great talent.

Myers Briggs Type Indicator

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A Time of Self-Discovery

Mirror businessman

Get familiar with yourself and you’ll be able to recognize a good professional situation.  By identifying your interests, skills, values, motivators, and strengths through assessment tests or career coaching, you can become successful in any career because you’ve found the right fit for you.

Design an Effective Career Plan

MeetingCreate and follow a map for career success, just as if planning a trip. Set short- and long-term goals, then review and adjust them as you progress along your journey.

Career coaches and workshops can be a great asset as you develop and maintain your map.

Personal Assessment Tools

Personal assessment tools can provide direction as you navigate your choice of major or career interest areas. Visit the personality type page of the Learning Strategies guide for more.

Identify and Access Your Skills, Interests, and Strengths

Financial Literacy Now

Financial Literacy Now

Financial Literacy Now is an initiative to raise awareness about the critical importance of financial literacy and provide greater access to financial literacy training, services and information.

Learn about...

Using a Debit Card
How a Budget Works
Choosing a Credit Card
Credit Scores
Smart Saving for College
Getting a Student Loan
Renting vs. Buying a Home
Qualifying for a Mortgage

...and more.

What Color is Your Parachute

"What Color is Your Parachute is the world’s top selling job search and career book, has been a New York Times bestseller for years. In 1995, the Library of Congress Center for the Book chose the book as one of the 25 Books That Have Shaped Readers’ Lives."

~ Alison Boyle