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PUAD 295 Political and Legal Environment of Public Administration : Home

This research guide has been created to supplement the PUAD 295 Course.

Public Administration Degree

Acquire the skills you need to pursue a rewarding career that focuses on public and nonprofit administration. Whatever your present role or ambition, whether it’s working at a government agency, a relief agency, or in social services, our Public Administration Bachelor of Science degree can help you pursue a rewarding career in the nonprofit and public administrative arenas.

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Public Administration

Public Administration can be considered both an occupation and an academic field of study. The Public Administration program at Franklin University is designed to help individuals gain employment as administrators, managers, and leaders in government and nonprofit organizations. Public Administration can be split into two career pathways:

1. Government (or Public) Agencies, which typically consist of positions which one does not have to be elected to

2. Nonprofit Organizations

Non-Profit Information Tip

Non-Profit (or Not-for-Profit) organizations are not required to disclose information, such as financial and personnel documents. By law, they are not held to the same requirements as a for-profit entity is. Therefore, there is often less documentation available to the public.

Despite the fact that these organizations do not have the same disclosure requirements, many still publish annual reports and other documentation on their organization's activities. The best sources to find such information is to go to the organization's website or search for them in a database like GuideStar.

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