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Copyright at Franklin University: Overview and Welcome

The purpose of this research guide is to provide guidance and explore issues related to Copyright for Franklin staff and faculty.

Copyright Services Available from the Library

The Franklin University Nationwide Library believes that Copyright education is best defined according to the contextual needs of our institution.

The purpose of this guide is to provide copyright information and general principles to Franklin University faculty, staff, and administration. It also serves to support the our new institutional copyright policy, (see tab above; "Copyright Policy").

The material in this guide should not be construed as legal advice or the official policy of Franklin University.

What is Copyright?

Copyright is the exclusive legal rights granted by government to an author, editor, compiler, composer, playwright, publisher, or distributor to publish, produce, sell, or distribute copies of a literary, musical, dramatic, artistic, or other work, within certain limitations (fair use and first sale). Copyright law also governs the right to prepare derivative works, reproduce a work or portions of it, and display or perform a work in public.

Copyright protects a work in the specific form in which it is created, not the idea, theme, or concept expressed in the work, which other writers are free to interpret in a different way. A work never copyrighted or no longer protected by copyright is said to be in the public domain.

How to use this Guide

The assistance we will provide to you, as a staff or faculty member, includes, but is not limited to;

1. Copyright information related to day-to-day issues
2. Explaining the basics of copyright law for non-lawyers  
3. Guidance on the application of Fair Use and the Teach Act to your day-to-day work
4. Guidance on techniques and steps to protect Franklin University Copyrights
5. Overview of international copyright issues (digital and online content)
6. How to be copyright compliant
7. Advice on dealing with re-occurring copyright situations
8. Content in online courses and class websites
9. Serve as the contact point for copyright related issues at Franklin
10. Guidance on the use of license protected content

Franklin University Faculty, Staff, Administrators, and Students should first consult the Franklin University Copyright & Fair Use Policy, or click on Copyright Policy tab at the top of this page. 

If you are attempting to determine and document your decision on whether your use of copyright protected material is a "fair use" or not, see the Fair Use Evaluator

If you are developing or revising course or university business content see our Open Educational Resource GuideThis guide lists and links to Open Educational Resources and other freely available quality resources to use in courses. 

If you need assistance identifying the copyright owner, determining the terms and conditions of use, and/or acquiring permission to use a copyright holder's work contact the Library Copyright Assistance office.

Remember, we do not provide legal advice on specific questions or instances of use of copyright protected material. However, we can help you to understand the principles of Copyright, Best Practices, Fair Use, and the TEACH Act  so that you can complete your work in an efficient and effective manner.

Copyright Basics

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