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Graduate Student Guide

Finding a Journal / Article

Use the Library's Journals  page to

  • search for a journal title to see whether you can access the journal from the library (and what years of the journal's publication you can use) -- type the journal title in the search box and click the search button
  • see a list of all available e-journals in a subject area. 

If you have a full citation for an article, you can use Journal Finder to find it through the library by typing the journal title in the search box and then searching for the article or looking for the specific issue:

  • Search for Title: On the results page, there will be a search box below the journal title that will let you "search within publication." If you have an article title you are looking for in the journal, you can put it in that search box.
  • Search by Citation:
    • On the results page, you will see the words "full text access" with one or more database links below the search box. Each database gives the years of coverage the library provides for that journal.
    • You can click on the link of a database which includes the year of the article you are looking for to drill down by year / volume / issue to find an article using the citation.

For information on how to use the Library's journals page, see the video in the "Video: Searching for Journals / Articles" in the video tutorial box, below.

The Library subscribes to a service called LibKey which lets you use a browser plugin to search for content directly on a journal's website. With the LibKey Nomad browser extension, the journal will recognize your affiliation with Franklin University and permit you to access content which the Franklin University Library subscribes to through the library's databases.

LibKey also provides a DOI search, so you can search for an article if you know the article's DOI.

For additional information about using both LibKey Nomad and LibKey DOI search, see the Library's LibKey Research Guide.

Another way you can find articles in the library's databases is through Google Scholar. To customize Google Scholar, find Franklin University in the settings by searching in the Library Links area. You can also add OhioLINK to your preferences. You will still need to log in to access e-books and databases when off-campus. For more information, see the video on using Google Scholar in the Video Tutorials box, below, or our Google Scholar research guide.

Google Scholar Search

If you weren't able to find your article using either of these methods, it is possible that the library does not have access to this article. If this is a class article that you believe we should have access to, please contact the library for help.

If this is an article that you wanted to use for an assignment, we may still be able to get you access through our InterLibrary Loan service. Fill out the InterLibrary Loan Request form linked below: 

Video Tutorials

Journal Alerts

To set up a Journal Alert, which will alert you by email when a new issue of a specific journal is available, follow these directions:

  • Step 1: Use Journal Finder to search for the journal that you want. When you find the journal in your search results, select a database with full-text access to the most recent issues (Look for the Full Text Access list below the journal title). 
  • Step 2: Select the Share button in the upper right side of the record page and from the drop-down select the E-mail Alert link. (select the right arrow for the next steps)

Shows journal finder results page to journal record page

  • Step 3: The Create Alert pop-up box should appear. You'll need to sign-in or create an account to set-up a journal alert.
  • Step 4: Select the Sign-in link and either sign-in with your account information or select the Create one now link to create a new account.

Shows create alert pop-up and sign-in page

  • Step 5: Once you are signed into your account, you'll be able to enter your email in the E-mail field, then select Save Alert to finish saving the journal alert.

Shows Create alert pop-up where you enter your email to set-up the alert

Search Multiple Journals from a Database

Step 1: Select a Database from the Library Database Page.  (select the right arrow to go to the next steps)

Step 2: Select Publications from the top navigation bar on the database search page.

Step 3: Search for journals by name or subject. 

Step 4: Once you've found a journal, select the checkbox next to the journal title, then select the "Add" button (located at the top or bottom of the list) to add it to your search. (Note: You will see the journal added to the top search bar.) 

Step 5: Continue adding journals to your search, then select search.

Step 6: Add keywords to the second or third search boxes to search for your specific topic within these journals.

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