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The purpose of this research guide is to assist students in the completion of assignments and projects leading to the completion of requirements for a Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship.

5 Steps to Starting a Business

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Now that you've decided to start a business or non-profit, how do you get there? Writing a business plan can help you formulate your needs, identify resources, plot a strategic direction, and help you get there from here. It also shows others (like financers!) that you know what you're doing.

Some Helpful Resources: 

Your favorite word processing program may have a template as well!

Market research is an extremely part of starting a business. It helps to identify the needs of consumers, potential competitors, the industry as a whole and much more. Use the following resources to learn more about how to conduct market research:

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Branding is one the most important aspects of any business. Learn more about branding and how to create your brand below. Create your brand and logo, and stake out your website and other social media outlets even if you don't plan to use them right away.

Logos and Images:


Create free websites or pay a small fee for hosting.

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The nature of the startup dictates the extent to which it should rely on an attorney to incorporate, trademark ideas/products, formalize partnership agreements, etc. Here are some starting points for DIYers:

You'll probably start with your own funds, credit, savings, or home equity. You may get a few friends and family to help. Once you get a little way into it, though, you may need other sources until revenues grow enough to cover expenses. 


Things to Consider

The following resources will five advice and tips on Entrepreneurship:

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