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IEEE Journals

How to Find IEEE Journals

  1. Go the the "Journals" tab of the library's website to find IEEE journals.
  2. Put IEEE in the search box
  3. You will see a list of names for IEEE journals the library has access to. Under each journal you will see the words "full text access" with at least one link showing the coverage the library provides for the journal. Some journals will have more than one list of coverage dates provided. Click on the link next to the coverage dates which you want to look at to see the contents of that journal for that time period.

How to Find A Specific Article in An IEEE Journal

Follow the instructions above to find the journal. You can then either

  1. On the page listing the journal names, enter the title of the article in the search box under the publication which says "search within the publication" or,
  2. If you have the citation, click on the date range which includes the article, and click on the date / issue links on that page to find the article.
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