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PSYC 204 Principles of Motivation

Teaching Pigeons to Bowl

Psychologists Epstein and Skinner in a classic classroom film originally released in 1982 and dubbed "best film of the year" by the American Psychological Association. In sometimes stunning footage, the film shows that pigeons, with the right training, can behave in ways that appear to demonstrate advanced human phenomena: self-awareness, insight, problem solving, imitation, symbolic communication, and even the use of a memorandum. The film defends a "behavioristic" interpretation of cognitive phenomena.

Amazing Grades

Amazing Grades consists of 101 brief chapters designed to help you study smarter and improve your grades. Barbara Carder, Senior Faculty Development Coordinator, contributed Motivation Magic: 5 Steps to Move Off the Couch and Get It Done! (pp. 39-40). A free app is included that allows you to scan tags with your smart phone for interactive learning!

Dan Ariely's Blog

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