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To access Safari eBooks,


Affordable Learning @ Franklin University

Information about the affordable learning program to reduce the cost of education for Franklin University students, and affordable learning resources for faculty and instructional designers.

Who Do I Contact for Help?

Who you contact for help depends on whether you have a library etextbook or a Vitalsource/Yuzu etextbook. The "What type of etextbook do I have?" box will help you figure out which type of etextbook you have.

For Vitalsource/Yuzu etextbooks: 
Contact the bookstore -- phone: (877) 230-0729 or email:

For library etextbooks:
This guide contains tips for using and troubleshooting problems with library etextbooks.

You can also contact the library -- through chat during library hours using the box on the lower right; phone: (614)947-6550; or email:

Not sure? Contact the library and we can help you figure it out.

What Type of Etextbook do I Have?

Was I Charged?

If you were charged for the etextbook, it isn't a library etextbook -- the library does not charge students for library etextbooks. Contact the bookstoreIf you were not charged for the etextbook, it might be a library etextbook -- see below for information about identifying library etextbooks.

If you aren't sure (or can't remember) whether you were charged, keep reading for other ways to identify what type of textbook you are having trouble with.

Is it Courseware?

The library does not provide courseware. If you are having problems with courseware: Contact the bookstore

Are you supposed to access the book by clicking on the ereader module in Canvas?

Etextbooks which are supposed to be accessed through the Canvas ereader module were purchased. Contact the bookstore.

Is it on Yuzu or the VitalSource bookshelf?

Etextbooks on Yuzu or the Vitalsource bookshelf were purchased. Contact the bookstore.

Was there a "login to library resources" box before you could get to the book?

The book is a library etextbook. Contact the library.

Does branding on the screen say "Ebook Central", "Ebook Collection (EbscoHost)", "O'Reilly" or "OhioLINK"?

The book is a library etextbook. Contact the library.

Library Etextbooks: User Guides

Many library etextbooks are available on either the Ebook Central or O'Reilly platforms. For information about using these ebooks, see:

Troubleshooting: Library Etextbooks

If you are unable to log in to a library etextbook, here are some things you can try -- if it's an O'Reilly etextbook (you will see the word "O'Reilly" on your screen), see the Using O'Reilly Ebooks box below:

  • Clear the cookies and cache in your browser. 
  • Try another Browser (Chrome, Firefox, IE/Edge) and see if the etextbook will work in that browser.

If neither of those options works, contact the library

Using O'Reilly Ebooks

You do not need to create an O'Reilly account to use ebooks on the O'Reilly Learning Platform -- only to access and download materials using the O'Reilly app. If you do not have an account, access O'Reilly as follows:

  • Once you click on the link for the book, you will see a window telling you to get access through your library. Click on the "Institution not listed" link.

  • Enter your Franklin email address and click "let's go".

Safari enter username screen

If you already have an O'Reilly account,

  • Once you click on the link for the book, you will see a window telling you to get access through your library. Click on the "Institution not listed" link.

  • Click on the "Already a user?" link

Already a user link

  • enter your Franklin email and click "continue", then enter the password you used to create your Safari account and click "sign in".

  • If you previously used your Franklin email for a free trial on the O'Reilly Learning Platform, are unable to log in to O'Reilly using your Franklin email, or receive a message that says "unable to create user", your O'Reilly account needs reset. Contact the library and we will ask them to fix your account.
  • the O'Reilly login is case sensitive - enter your email address using lowercase letters.

Issues Using Other Library Ebooks

Library etextbooks are licensed so that all members of the Franklin University community can access them whenever they want. Only ebooks listed on these pages, or listed in the course as using a library etextbook, should be used as library etextbooks.

If you find other ebooks available in the library which are used as textbooks in a course, but are not part of the library etextbook program, the library cannot guarantee access to the book and the ebook may not be available when students need it.

Finding etextbooks

Library etextbooks will be linked from the syllabus of the course. You can also find library etextbooks on our affordable learning guide by selecting the program and looking for the course number.

You can access etextbooks purchased through the inclusive access program by going to your course in Canvas and clicking on the eReader button in the course navigation menu. There, you will see information about the textbook, with a "read now" button. Click on the "read now" button to open your etextbook.

If your course uses courseware, there will not be an eReader module. Instead, you will access your etextbook through the courseware itself.

  • If you purchased an etextbook from the bookstore, you can access it through your BNC bookstore account.
  • Click "menu", and then "your digital content."
  • Log in using the email address you used to place the order.
  • Use the "forgot password" link if you don't know your password.
  • After logging in, you will see all of the digital content you have purchased from the bookstore. Click "access content" if you see that option.
  • If you purchased an access code, click "reveal code" to reveal the access code, then "launch" to open the platform used to access the content.
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