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What is LibKey Nomad

LibKey Nomad is a browser plugin you can use to access scholarly articles you find on publisher websites for free using your Franklin University Library account.

LibKey does not work on all publisher sites. You can find a list of publishers Libkey supports on their website.

Get the LibKey Nomad Plugin

You can download LibKey Nomad by going to the LibKey website.

Scroll down to choose your browser. Clicking on the browser link will take you to the app store for that browser, which will let you download LibKey nomad.

Connecting to the Franklin University Library

When you install the extension, it will ask you to select your organization. Type in "Franklin University" and click on Franklin University from the drop down menu.

LibKey selection screen


Using LibKey Nomad

If you find an article on a publisher's website, look for a box in the lower left of the page. There are four possible options which LibKey might display:

  1. "Download PDF" and "Article Link" - the library provides access to this article and you can either download the pdf of the article or click on the article link to get to a page with information about the article;
  2. "Article Link" only - the library provides access, the link will take you to the article but not permit directly downloading a pdf;
  3. "Manuscript PDF" and/or "Manuscript Link" - LibKey provides an Open Access version of the article (which is a freely available version of an article, for more information see the library's guide to Open Educational Resources);
  4. "Library Access Options" - no library access, but the link will take you to a page where you can ask the library to try to get you a copy.

Click on the LibKey link to access or request the article. If the library provides access, you may be prompted to login with your Franklin University account information. Here's a sample of what the box looks like:

libkey article link

Video: LibKey Nomad

The following video shows you how to install and use LibKey nomad. Substitute "Franklin University" for "Molloy College":