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Healthcare MBA

What is APA Style?

APA Style is a standardized writing format, established by the American Psychological Association, which you may need to follow when submitting projects or papers. If you have questions about APA formatting, look at our APA Style Guide.


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About this Research Guide

This research guide provides information about library resources available to Franklin University students who are seeking their Healthcare MBA.

It includes the following information will help you conduct research:

Additionally, you can find suggested resources related to your program on

The guide also provides information to help you conduct a SWOT analysis and has pages of information on healthcare systems in other countries for MHC 508.

For more information about using library resources to conduct library research as you pursue your degree, view the videos below. You can also scroll down to find information to help you with graduate student writing.

Tutorials for Doctoral Students

Graduate Student Writing Guide

The Graduate Student Academic Writing Guide was created specifically for graduate students as a step-by-step overview of the research writing process.  

It contains sections on how to

  1. develop a topic,
  2. locate information, and
  3. evaluate your sources.

It also provides writing tips and resources, as well as resources for preparing an annotated bibliography and conducting a literature review.