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Cross-functional Business Capstone Guide

Guide to library and web resources for the Great Cups of Coffee assignment, an undergraduate business capstone project.

Competitor Analysis Resources

Strategic Planning: External Analysis an Online course with David Parrish (Video)

How Starbucks Became An $80B Business (Video)

Why Dunkin’ Donuts Is Now Just Dunkin’ (Video)

WSJ’s Heather Haddon explains why the company chose to focus on drinks – not doughnuts and grew to a world-wide chain worth almost $9 billion.

Two Brothers and a Dream: The History of Baskin' Robbin' (Video)

This is the story of the founders Burton "Burt" Baskin and Irvine "Irv" Robbins who had a mutual love for ice cream and a great desire to make it available to the public in a variety of flavors made with the best ingredients paired with a fun, relaxing atmosphere.

These Are Hands Down The Best 15 Delis In The U.S. (Video)

New York's biggest sandwich, delicious matzo ball soup, and slow-cured pastrami that melts in your mouth? Missing out on these American delicatessens just wouldn't be kosher.

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