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Leadership Development Program

Facilitation Made Easy

How to Make Meetings Work

Doyle, M., & Straus, D. (1976). How to make meetings work: The new interaction method. New York: Wyden Books. [Reserve from OhioLINK]

Participatory Decision-Making

No Speech Was Ever Too Short

"On your way out after a speech, do you remember ever thinking it was good — but a little too short? Most good talks take less than twenty minutes. Consider what you have so often had to sit through, and how much better it could have been said in few words."

~ From Writing That Works: How to Communicate Effectively In Business Kenneth Roman and legendary adman Joel Raphaelson

What's a Facilitated Meeting?

  • Uses a designated person (or facilitator) to help manage the process the group uses to reach its desired outcomes

  • The facilitator acts as a neutral party who does not become involved in the content of the meeting

  • All meeting members, including the senior person, are free to act as contributing participants

  • Operates according to a set of agreed upon meeting rules

What Do Facilitator's Do?

  • Are neutral related to meeting content, act as process advocates to help the group to meet its goals

  • Act so as to enable the group to work more effectively

  • Attempt to provide a safe environment for full participation

  • Encourage collaboration and mutual understanding

  • Foster strong agreements and shared responsibility

  • Suggest process options if the group stalls

Facilitator Tools

  • Structured agenda

  • Ground rules

  • Role descriptions

  • Options for dealing with disruptive participants

  • Memory bank

  • Decisions and assignments list

How to Get Your Ideas to Spread

Books by Seth Godin.

Boring Meetings Suck 

Petz, J. (2011). Boring meetings suck: Get more out of your meetings, or get out of more meetings. Hoboken, N.J: Wiley. [Find it at your public library]

Ray Forbes

Dr. Ray Forbes is currently Chair of the Masters Degree Program in Business Psychology within the College of Arts, Sciences and Technology at Franklin University in Columbus, Ohio. A university excellence medallion recipient, he develops, manages and teaches courses in business and applied psychology.

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Meeting Management

Smith, T. E. (2001). Meeting management. Upper Saddle River, N.J: Prentice Hall. [Reserve from OhioLINK]

Manager's Guide to Effective Meetings

Confessions of a Public Speaker

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