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SAS Guide

SAS Environment

SAS opens with  five windows in the SAS environment. The Explorer, Log, and Editor windows will be immediately visible, while the Results and Output windows will be hidden.


                                                           SAS environment screen

The Kent State SAS Tutorials guide provides additional information.

Getting Started with SAS


The SAS - Getting Started with SAS tutorial reviews the features of the navigation pane within SAS.

Variables in SAS

Variables in SAS can be computed by

  • Copying a variable,
  • Performing routine computations using arithmetic
  • Extract or manipulate pieces of string variables
  • Extract or manipulate pieces of data or time variables
  • Discretize a continus numeric variable
  • Merge categories of existing categorical variable


From Kent State's SAS guide Define Variables.



Formatting Values in SAS

The  Formatting Values in SAS video shows how to use SAS formats and the FORMAT statement to enhance the data values in a report.

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