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SAS Guide

The Data Step

SAS programs contain two main blocks of code: the data step and the procedure (proc) step. 

The data step is where the data is created and  imported. The procedure (PROC) steps is where the data is modified, merged or calculated.

There are two boxes below to assist you with SAS

  • A box on importing data
  • A box on sorting data in the procedure (PROC) step

Importing Data

When importing data into SAS, the data will usually be in another format usually Excel. 

Below is some information on importing Excel files using the Import Wizard.

Open the Import Wizard, click on File then Import Data. 

                                                             SAS import data menu


A new window displays called "Import Wizard - Select Import type." Click the Standard data source box. Select Microsoft Excel in select data source drop down.

                                                         SAS Import Wizard screen


For more information, see Kent State's SAS guide.

Sorting Data with Procedure (PROC) sort

Data within SAS can be sorted by one or variables with the PROC Step. 

Use the command below to begin the process. PROC starts the proc step and SORT is name of the procedure. 


SAS Proc Sort screen

More information can be found the Kent State's SAS guide.

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