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SAS Guide

Statistical Tests and SAS functions

Below is a list of common inferential statistics for testing and comparing means. Each link below opens to the SAS documentation about each function related to tests.

  • T Tests T Tests are used to determine the mean of a numeric variables using the proc ttest function.
  • Chi-square Tests Chi-square Tests are used to check if variables are independent using the proc freq function.
  • Correlation Correlation tests considers correlations between variables using the proc corresp function
  • Regression Regression analysis is used for predictions using the proc reg function.
  • Analysis of Variance Analysis of Variance is used to locate differences/variations in variables with the proc anova or proc glm functions.

Data Analysis Examples

UCLA's Institute for Digital Research and Education site contains examples of Data Analysis for SAS

- Logistic Regression

- Multinomial Logistic Regression

-  Ordinal Logistic Regression

- Prohibit Regression

- Poisson Regression

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