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How to Search the Library

Research Coaching

Searching for Information at the Library

You can search for information using the library's databases. For a quick, easy search of most of the library's databases, you can use the OneSearch bar on the library's home page. For information on how to use OneSearch, see the "Using OneSearch" box below.

You can also do a more targeted search in a database specific to your topic by selecting the databases page from the left side of the menu on the library's website.

  • If you know the name of the database you want to search, you can use the database "by name" option to select the database. This is the default option on the page;
  • To limit the database list to databases recommended for a specific topic, select the "by majors" tab;
  • You can also select databases "by type" to see databases offering a specific type of material (such as ebook, newspaper, reference).

Using OneSearch

Library Homepage with red arrow pointing to the Search Library Resources search boxOneSearch is an easy-to-use search box on the library's home page. Franklin University students and staff can use OneSearch to search much of the library's collection of articles, books, ebooks, videos, reports, and more in one simple search, so you don't have to go to individual databases to search for information.

The Understanding and Working with OneSearch Results box, below, provides information on how you can refine your search on the OneSearch search results page. There is also a video tutorial on using OneSearch below on this page that you can watch.

Understanding and Working with OneSearch Results

On your OneSearch search results page, use the left-hand panel to filter your results by Date, by Content Type (a.k.a. news articles, journal articles, books etc.), by Subject (a.k.a. topic), or to limit to peer-reviewed articles. Students using a screen reader can use EBSCO's Navigation Guide to help navigate to these filters.

The image below shows how to navigate the search results page:

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