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SPCH 100 Speech Communications

Informative Speaking

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"Every day you give others information in an informal way, whether you realize it or not. You give your grandparents driving directions to your college campus. You tell your professor about a breaking news story. You teach a friend how to ride a motorcycle. You explain to your significant other your spiritual philosophy. You teach a co-worker how to operate the cash register. Or you share your summer travel experience with your roommate. Without a doubt, information plays a vital role in our everyday lives."

Schreiber, L. (n.d.).Informative Speaking Files/Informative web 1 gs.pdf

Sample Informative Speech: Phobia

Tips for Public Speaking

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The Purdue Global University provides 10 Public Speaking Tips. The tips include practicing, recording yourself and touring the space before your presentation.

Sample Self-Introduction Speech

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