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Affordable Learning @ Franklin University

Information about the affordable learning program to reduce the cost of education for Franklin University students, and affordable learning resources for faculty and instructional designers.

Finding Library Etextbooks

You can see whether your class uses library etextbooks by looking up the course code on the appropriate page of this guide:.

Courses which are not listed may use non-library etextbooks, and classes which are listed as using library etextbooks may also use non-library textbooks. You can look at the university's textbook and resources page, and check the Franklin University Bookstore, to make sure you have all the course texts.

Top Ten Programs Using Library Etextbooks

Education uses the largest number of library etextbooks, at 44, followed by ISEC, COMP, ITEC, MGMT, HCM, PSYC, PUAD, COMM and IDPT.

Issues Using Other Library Ebooks

Library etextbooks are licensed so that all members of the Franklin University community can access them whenever they want. Only ebooks listed on these pages, or listed in the course as using a library etextbook, should be used as library etextbooks.

If you find other ebooks available in the library which are used as textbooks in a course, but are not part of the library etextbook program, the library cannot guarantee access to the book and the ebook may not be available when students need it.

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