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APA Citation Style 7th Edition

Resources for learning how to cite your sources using APA Style 7th Edition guidelines.

How To Use This Guide

Use this guide as a reference to learn more about APA style and how to use it properly when setting up your paper, creating in-text citations, and a reference page. Each page focuses on a specific type of resource. We have tried to cover as many of the most commonly cited types of resources as possible.

If you need further help, or are completely unfamiliar with APA, please contact Tutoring. They offer workshops for writing and using APA style. You can also submit your paper to the Online Writing Review. A tutor will review your paper for basic structure and grammar, editing, and proper use of citations. Use the links below to access these services.

What is APA Style?

APA Style is a standardized format for writing that has been established by the American Psychological Association.

Keep in mind that APA Style refers to:

  • the format & structure of your paper.
  • how you cite other authors within the body of your paper.
  • how you compile a references page at the end of your paper.

Student Paper Tutorial for APA 7th Ed.

Tutorial for setting up an APA 7th edition student paper

Need help setting up your APA Student Paper? Watch our tutorial on how to format an APA 7th edition student paper. 

Four Elements of a Reference

Elements of Reference List Entries


A reference generally has four elements: author, date, title, and source. Each element answers a question:

  1. Author: Who is responsible for this work?
  2. Date: When was this work published?
  3. Title: What is this work called?
  4. Source: Where can I retrieve this work? (Journal, DOI, or URL)

APA Style and Grammar Guidelines (7th edition)

The Concise APA Handbook: 7th edition (e-book)

Bookmark These Websites

We highly recommend that you bookmark these sites (including this guide) so that you can refer to them when you are writing your paper.

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